Spencer + Michelle – Proposal

What. An. Experience.

Oh man… There is so much to say about this proposal in particular, and it is mostly because Spencer heavily involved my wife, Rachel, and I in setting this up so that he could actually fool Michelle.

Damn. Ok. Quick recap of our relationship with these two: Spencer and I became friends through instagram and talking photography about 5 years ago or more. I asked if he wanted to meet up and shoot and he asked if he could bring Michelle, his girlfriend. I was like “Dude yea!! Let’s do it!!” What do you know, we all hit it off really quickly and soon the two of them and Rachel and I had developed a wonderful friendship.

Well they moved away to Tacoma, Washington, cause Spencer got his dream job and Michelle was killing it with Girrlscout too. (In case you don’t know who these two are by now: https://girrlscoutshop.com/)

Fastforward to, idk, maybe a little less than a year ago? 6 months? Spencer texted me and said he was ready to propose but didn’t have a plan, he just wanted to tell someone. I said I could start asking Michelle if she was down to shoot something whenever Rachel and I made it up to come visit, and he was like “yea go for it.”

Time leap again with me to 2 months ago. Spencer has the plan of the century: he is going to fly us out to visit them, book us an awesome Airbnb (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/23040715), all under the guise that we had some extra cash and time and could finally come up to see them. Then, Michelle and I  would set up our “styled shoot”… and then he would propose during the shoot. Meanwhile, he blocked Michelle’s accounts from his stories on Instagram and let all his followers in on the plan with the hashtag #donttellgirrlscout.

I’ll spare you more details, but day of the proposal happens, and the shoot could not have gone more flawlessly. They took us to two locations: Point Defiance Park and Point Robinson Lighthouse. The first location was this insane forest, that Spencer helped make even more mysterious looking in some shots by using his vape to create atmospheric “fog.” The second spot was the location where he would pop “the question.”

The night before we had all made a plan of how to signal it was time. Once we made it to the lighthouse, and I had found the angle and area I wanted for photos, it was my job to say “Oh my god… this is it… this is THE SPOT!!! Like my god it’s amazing.” From there, Rachel was to butt in and say “Oh real quick, let me get a shot of them there” which was the confirmation that she also had a good position to shoot from for the proposal, and all that was left was for Spencer to get down on one knee.

We nailed it. Well… more or less. We all ended up in the right positions, captured photos, and he proposed to a crying and beyond happy Michelle. I have never seen Spencer more excited or emotional than in that span of 1-2 minutes of proposing and putting the ring on her finger.

To get to Point Robinson, you have to take a ferry for 20 minutes, and we managed to miss the original one we wanted, so we ended up with an extra hour or so of time. We filled it with more epic photos of the newly engaged couple, Michelle taking photos of Rachel and I, and me taking some new headshots for Michelle’s photography business http://www.girrlscoutphoto.com/ (I know… what are they not good at?).

Congratulations you two. I love you both dearly and am wildly excited for you.

Now let’s all look at the photos —>