Luke + Emmy – Engagement

Chicago, Illinois

Alright well that sets the scene well enough. We weren’t in Orange County, California like normal.

TLDR: Luke and Emmy flew my wife Rachel and I out to shoot their engagement photos and they look amazing. LOOK AT THEM

Ok so now for the story version: Emmy and I knew each other from college. In fact, she was my producer for the majority of the films I directed in college, and is the reason any of them even happened. For years we talked about what would happen when she met someone and got engaged. She wanted me to shoot it.

Well Luke came along, and what do you know, these two are just made for each other. They are constantly laughing, constantly having fun, and constantly supporting each others goals. So Luke proposed, Emmy said yes, and they set a date.


We flew into Chicago

They picked us up and we all got amazing food

We crashed at their place and all had cigars and wine

The day after, we got up early and started shooting at this awesome no name spot that overlooked the city

A yellow jacket decided to eat my ankle

That sucked

Then we took MORE photos

and THEN we took….

You know what

Just look for yourself