{Level Up} Workshop

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Here we are. Another photography workshop. Round one. There are many great photographers out there, all offering workshops to help you work on your business, improve your social media numbers, up your sales, edit on trend, add to your portfolio with a styled shoot like none other...


and then there is {Level Up}


I'm not here to offer any of that.




So let's talk:


This workshop is not to teach you to shoot like me. The person who best shoots like me is... well, me.


I believe that every photographer has a unique eye. A specific way of seeing the world and capturing it in their camera. Some of you may have a great understanding of your individual style, and some of you here may have barely a clue what you want to shoot like.


I want you to shoot like you, but better.




March 14th, 2019


Location: Fallbrook, California


{Level Up} will start at 9am and go to approximately 7pm.


Lunch and snacks will be provided ('cause let's be real, what kind of person would I be if I didn't feed you?)


8 seats available




Our day will be broken into 3 sections:






Keeping your viewers' eyes trapped in your frame, using color and contrast, composing your image to lead your audience to where you want them, using double exposures, reflections, and other techniques to add to your story rather than using them as a gimmick




Live shoot with a real couple


How to pose naturally without prompts, quickly gauge what kind of poses work for the people you are photographing, shooting in poor locations with good light//shooting with great locations in poor light




In person editing


Using gradients and brushes to help guide your audience's eye, judging correct skin tone color, culling for emotional impact vs. technical perfection, consistent editing throughout location changes, Q&A





Join me on March 14th, and learn to shoot like you, but better.



I cannot wait to meet everyone, talk photography, shoot together, eat good food, and as a team: LEVEL UP