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“My chest probably has the most symbolism but its probably the poorest of work… I got sober 10 years ago when I was 14. I went through a lot of shit. So this side is for past life and present life. Which as you can see, instead of a rosary, this is an AA symbol. So its kinda like AA is my religion. I don’t really have a like a particular religion that I follow.” — Spencer

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What was your first tattoo?

“This one. It’s horrible. I hate it. The lines are shitty and the guy who did it was really creepy. I was 17 when I got it.”

You were 17 … What did your parents think?

“Oh they don’t care. Yeah I convinced everybody in my family to get a tattoo and now they all have one… I just have the most… I think it was supposed to symbolize something from the Bible? I’m not really that religious anymore but I grew up going to private school.”

When did you start to regret it?

“Once I started getting more tattoos and that’s not the style I got into.”

What got you into your style?

“My artist friend Sean. I lived in St. Louis at the time and I kinda let him just… run with it.” – Michelle

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“Each tattoo possesses its own importance to me… I just think it’s part of the timeline” – Nathan
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What does it say?
“…it means shameless audacity in Armenian and it has to do with pursuing all your dreams shamelessly without consideration of failure.” – Natalie
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“I got this one for my mom. She cried and said ‘I’m not dead yet!'”
How did you decide on the designs?
“The orchid is my grandmas favorite flower and she loved purple which is why I made it that color. In the middle of the flower it looks like an angel holding a heart. The iris is my moms favorite flower and she loves purple as well so it was nice they could kind of match. I liked the idea of using flowers because my grandma loved to garden and she always had a ton of orchids all over the house. Just something I’ll always remember learning from her.” – Savannah
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Do you mind if I photograph your tattoos?
“Which one? I have a lot” – Kevin
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“I got this the day I turned 18… it was for my grandma who died” – Savannah
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“Each Tattoo represents a different thing. Mostly things I try to remind myself of daily” – Tyler
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“We both have anchors tattoo’d on us… Keeps us grounded” – Kevin
Ink//Stories Kevin


“Definitely not done. I don’t think I’ll ever be done … Until something memorable happens … In the end it should mean something” – Savannah
Ink // Stories Savannah


“Tattoos help me move through (emotional) pain. It’s physical…” – Krystal
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