Colson + Haylie – Wedding

Back to Jr. High.

That’s where this journey starts. Colson and his twin brother Camden became friends with me at a homeschool retreat right before I went into Jr. High. I was a little twig of a person whose social skills were subpar and I was into some really cringe music… so I was like a lot of people in that age range. Well Colson challenged me to some ping pong one day and midway through the game I went to the restroom, and Camden came in and switched places and I had no idea when I came back. They thought it was hysterical, and I thought I was dumb.

But that was the start of a friendship that took us through many adventures.

This being the latest one. Colson and Haylie’s wedding.

Colson is a truly unique individual and for the longest time, I could never imagine someone who could compliment him, and keep up with him. Enter Haylie. She played Elsa at Disneyland, she loves bread (especially free bread), and is one of the most pure and kind human beings I have ever met. The bond these two have developed is incredible and that could not be more obvious than in these images.

Ok so let’s talk about the photos!!

My wife Rachel, and I were flown out to Camas, Washington and landed JUST in time to catch the rehearsal dinner. The speeches that were had even over dinner were indicative of how beautiful this wedding was going to be.

Fast forward to the next morning and Rachel and I snagged an amazing (like… seriously one of the best ever) breakfast at Natalia’s Cafe, right next to where Colson and Haylie were getting ready at the Camas Hotel

Then we hopped over and started shooting and –

You know what… take a look for yourself.

All you need to know is that the rain held off til literally the last photo as they ran to their car to go on their honey moon, and the heavens wept in joy for them: