2018 Recap

Hello Hello.


It’s nice to see you here.


Maybe you clicked on this because we already took photos together, or perhaps because you are looking for a wedding photographer for 2019, or maybe you just thought I had a weird last name and thought: “what if this blog post will tell me how to pronounce that thing?” (Spoilers: It’s K-e-P-P-in)



2018 was incredible for me. I am deeply honored to have been a part of all the memories captured throughout the year.

So far, I am the sole person who has been able to experience exactly what all those shoots entailed.



I’d like to change that:


  • January

  •  Paul and Angela got married at Dove Canyon.
  • Angela’s father talked to the minister through a window.
  • Patrick and Bailey got engaged and we hung out with their dog at Venice Beach.
  • February

  • Alexa and Dan got married and we had beers together.
  • Rachel (my wife) looked pretty on the beach during our anniversary trip to La Jolla (California).
  • Aj and Alex had their engagement photos taken, and Aj whispered inappropriate jokes to Alex to get her to laugh.
  • Mike Herd and I hung out with his adorable pitbull in his house in LA and I took portfolio images for him.
  • March

  • Christian and Mubina had me take wedding portraits for them at Soka University.
  • Chris and Melissa got married at Wayfarers Chapel and had their reception at Ebell of Long Beach and I shot two of my favorite images with them.
  • My mentee in photography, Bethany Harbison, hired me to take photos of her and help teach her posing and techniques for getting my subject to relax in front of the camera.
  • Christy and Nelson got married at Twin Oaks Estate where my wife and I had gotten married three years ago.
  • Justin proposed to Ciara in Mariners Church and my shoes squeaked while I took photos… but she didn’t notice.
  • April

  • Evan and Ashley took me up mount Jacinto for their engagement photos and I found out just how out of shape I truly was.
  • Bethany and Mark had me do an in home shoot with them, and afterwards we all watched Mad Max and drank wine.
  • Christian and Mubina hired me for photos of them in casual outfits on the beach and my shoes got soaked.
  • Radleigh and Sage pulled me on board for a styled shoot at Avenue of the Arts hotel in Costa Mesa.
  • Chad and Candice got married at Mariners, and I brought non-squeaky shoes.
  • Lis Dye had her senior photos taken and we had to wait in line to get a photo of her in front of her school sign.
  • June

  • Kurt and Dana got engaged, I took photos of them in Trabuco Canyon, and Dana had the longest hair that could exist.
  • I started coaching other photographers live on my instagram @chriskphotos (gotta plug it somewhere).
  • July

  • I shot Randy and Noel’s wedding with a three day notice.
  • It was hot outside.
  • It was REALLY hot outside.
  • August

  • Elizabeth Polo contacted me for family photos in Los Angeles and I got to meet one of the most fun loving families I have ever been around.
  • Infinite Future Gear started saddling up for their F/W18 releases and I shot the entire campaign.
  • CC Weske hired me to take behind the scenes photos of a film she was directing and performing combat stunts in.
  • James and Tah-Toh took their engagement photos with me in the Vasquez Rocks and we met a cute pitbull.
  • September

  • I photographed another family shoot that was referred by my hair stylist Mackenzi, and I fell in a ditch.
  • Ray, from Radleigh and Sage, had me shoot a series with him called “This is 40” in which he proceeded to look not a day over 27.
  • CC Weske and I went to Lake Arrowhead and collaborated on a fantasy shoot I had been dying to do for years.
  • Alex and Megan and I went to the Long Beach Lions Lighthouse, and took their engagement photos. I ate Chick-fil-a afterwards.
  • Mike and Heather got married at Lorimar Winery in Temecula, and Rachel and I got to party with them and have some incredible donuts and wine.
  • I took my favorite image of the year on a boudoir shoot with Tah-Toh.
  • October

  • Tah-Toh and James had their wedding at the 1912 next to the Yost Theater in Santa Ana in the morning. At night we went out to a bar with them and celebrated with our old friends from when we all worked together at Apple.
  • Chad and Kristine got married at Luce Loft in San Diego and we took photos on top of a parking structure overlooking the city.
  • The next day, Evan and Ashley had their wedding at Monte De Oro in Temecula. The ceremony took place exactly at sunset and we experienced some of the most unique and beautiful lighting I have seen in person.
  • November

  • Alex and Aj got married at Oak Canyon Nature Center. They partied hard.
  • Austin and Dominque took me to the the Los Angeles Botanical Gardens for their engagement photos. Every turn we were in a new type of land and lighting. Absolute adventure.
  • Natalie took me to some weird abandoned place that I was sure we were going to die at. Instead I got some really cool photos.
  • December

  • The Talili family hired me for their first family shoot EVER. Their little one ate cheetos.
  • The Daley’s and I celebrated the birth of their first born with a shoot in Serrano Creek Park.
  • My parents had me take a Christmas card photo for them.
  • Erika Fermina and I collaborated on a final project for 2018 with a modern day Vampire photoshoot at the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena.