AboutWho Am I?

Ok so... Who am I?


Well, I am a nerdy and fun loving individual who went to college wanting to be a concept artist for video games, graduated with a degree in filmmaking and directing, and ended up pursuing my passion of photography.


I am an avid lover of art in all its forms: tattoos, movies, games, music, fashion, and so much more. For fun, I setup Medieval Fantasy photoshoots, binge watch netflix, play Overwatch, and help design clothing for a company called Infinite Future Gear.




First and foremost, I am a storyteller. I love, absolutely love a good story, whether it is pure fiction, or grounded in beautiful reality.


Stories captivate. They let us experience a different world and feel as though we are a part of something.


Your love story is wildly unique. No other two people in the world share your background, chance meeting, or friendship.


That is awesome. I strive to show that individuality in my photos.


So... take a look around and if you like what you see, let's work together!

Talk soon,

-- Chris

Wedding Coverage Starting at $3200

Affinity Sessions starting at $450

Thank you for your interest in what I do!
I would be honored to work with you and
get to know you.

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